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RBT Portal

Ring Back Tone portal solution provides web access to RBT features. Via the portal, subscribers are able to perform multiple actions and receive multiple information and services. The Portal system is integrated with operator’s Middleware which provides a communication bridge with all involved external systems to retrieve and submit the required information. Middleware API is implemented to expose the required Web Services to enable the communication of the Portal with the below external systems:

  • Customer information
  • RBT system services
  • Song information
  • SMS notifications

The RBT portal solution provides the below functionalities.

  • Registered User Portal Access supporting Authentication using Username and Password (username is equal to MSISDN).
  • Registration to RBT Portal via the Portal featuring Auto-generated Password.
  • Reset and change Password
  • Registered User Password SMS Notifications
  • Activation of RBT Service via the Portal
  • Deactivation of RBT Service via the Portal
  • Content Purchase: Tunes and Albums
  • Send Gift /My gift feature
  • Presentation of Categorized list/ Top chart of Songs/ Albums Available for Purchase
  • Presentation of Purchased Songs/ Albums / My Albums by the Subscriber
  • Review and pre-listen Songs/ Albums;
  • Profile Setup for assigning Purchased Songs to selected special number/caller groups in combination with preferred time zones.
  • Profile Setup for assigning Purchased Songs in selected special days
  • Creation/deletion and management of Personal Album with purchased RBT content selections
  • Special number/Caller Group/Special day/Time zones management
  • Send “Join me” Invitations via the Portal
  • Service Suspension/Re-Activation via the Portal
  • Background Administration Management of Banners and text fields